All of our therapists have trained many hours with the Institute of Physical Art (IPA) because we believe in the Johnson and Johnson way of treatment and healing. An IPA trained therapist has trained many hours but all you feel is the difference with your first visit. When you receive physical therapy from an Institute of Physical Art trained therapist; you get an integrated approach. LoHiPT.com


“The development of the Functional Manual Therapy System has evolved for more than 35 years and is based on the tireless work of Gregg Johnson and Vicky Saliba Johnson. Their dedication and ongoing efforts to develop innovative therapy techniques to solve complex musculoskeletal and neuromuscular dysfunctions is evidenced by the thousands of patients that have benefited from their care. “

Functional Manual Therapy uses specific evaluation techniques to identify movement dysfunctions that contribute to pain, decreased mobility and degenerative changes.  Based on the evaluative findings, specific hands on therapy techniques and movement patterns are used to restore efficient mobility of the joints and soft tissues which include muscle, nerves, organs, fascia, skin, tendons and ligaments. Once efficient mobility of the system has been restored, neuromuscular re-education is utilized to improve specific muscle initiation, strength and endurance.  The final component is to improve motor control, which focuses on proper movement patterns that allow for the most efficient use of the body.  This includes integration of sports specific movements, to everyday activities such as walking, lifting, active sitting, and other day to day activities.”     Institute of PhysicalArt.com