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Amanda is great! My dizziness is gone and my neck feels a lot better. I think everyone should come to LoHi, I highly recommend them.   -Damian

“Peter Szymanski worked on a problem I was having with my feet. Other PTs had diagnosed it as plantar fasciitis but it wasn’t going away. Peter re-diagnosed it as calf tightness and a problem in my movement. Since he worked with me, I haven’t had any problems. He’s a lifesaver!”  -Holly

Karen Voss has been the best occupational therapist I have ever seen. I got immediate results just from the first visit. She alleviated the pain in my wrist and arm right away. The physical therapy exercises she provided me are so valuable that I am sure I will keep doing them for a lifetime. Thank you so much!   -Gia

Peter and Karen

Just wanted to reach out and give you a big big thanks. I came to you guys a year ago in a horrible place with severe pain and words cannot express my gratitude for the help you guys gave me and for getting me back on my feet and running again.

I did the Boston marathon this weekend and completed it in 3 hours 8 minutes under very difficult conditions in the cold, wind and rain. It was one of the highlights of my life and an unbelievable experience and I feel just incredible having been able to run it, pain free.

Thanks again for everything and hope you guys are well. I will keep referring you patients as often as I can and hope to see you soon   -Jason, MD

“I’ve had dry needling by 3 other therapists in the past 2 years.  Peter is by far the best.”  -Diane



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