Hand Therapy

climber with hand

Your hands are your life tools, your connection to your world…  

Accurate assessments, immediate care, and effective treatment will reduce the risk of loss of function and expedite your return to what you love to do…

A Certified Hand Therapist is an occupational or physical therapist with specialty training and certification in conditions of the upper extremity including the shoulder, elbow, wrist, thumb and hand.

“Hand therapy is the art and science of rehabilitation of the upper extremity of the human body. Hand therapists are occupational therapists or physical therapists that, through advanced training and experience, have specialized knowledge of upper extremity function and rehabilitation. Using their advanced skills in assessment and treatment, hand therapists work with their clients to prevent injury or impairment, restore functional activity, and enhance participation in daily life.”

 American Society of Hand Therapists


Your hand therapist will provide an accurate assessment of your hand or upper extremity injury. At LoHi PT, our hand and upper extremity specialist has a well rounded background combined with advanced training providing you with effective treatment for optimal recovery.  Optimal recovery means faster return to work and a productive lifestyle. Find out more about Karen Voss and her background under our “Who We Are-Meet the team” tab.