Conditions Treated

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An upper extremity injury of the hand, wrist, thumb, elbow, or shoulder may be of slow onset over time or may come on suddenly due to a fall or injury.  Either way, the loss of upper extremity function is unexpected and can be life-changing.

At LoHI PT, our certified hand therapist will help and guide you as you recover and return to what you love to do. Below is a list of conditions we treat.  

  • Post-traumatic soft tissue strain and sprain, bone and joint injury: edema, stiffness, pain
  • Post-surgical needs to address: edema, appropriate early motion of joints, scarring
  • Treatment of tendon injury and post-surgical flexor/extensor repairs
  • Joint Bio-mechanics, pain and instability of the hands and thumb due to Osteoarthritis
  • Joint Bio-mechanics, pain and instability of the wrist
  • Joint stiffness due to scarring, joint derangement or other soft tissue restrictions due to fracture/trauma


Other Musculo-Skeletal injuries:  Below are a few commonly known conditions.  If your symptoms are similar to one of the conditions listed, it may be in your best interest to have it checked out sooner rather than later. Most often, early intervention of musculo-skeletal injuries with therapy will relieve symptoms, teach you how to avoid re-occurrence of symptoms and avoid more expensive procedures such as injections or surgery.

Lateral Epicondylitis

Medial Epicondylitis

DeQuervain’s Disease

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

Trigger Finger

Nerve Compression

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome