Physical Therapy

Our Approach:  We believe in a functional approach to treatment.  Most pain is caused by a dysfunction in posture and movement patterns.  When we restore efficient structure and function, the pain is reduced or eliminated.  We specialize in Functional Manual Therapy™ in treating your problems as well as giving you specific exercises and postural training not only to rehabilitate, but prevent future problems. We look at the whole body and connections with pain to solve the problem not treat just the symptoms. We constantly strive to improve our treatment skills through continuing education and keeping up to date on current research in physical therapy to give you the best treatment possible. Our experienced therapists treat people after all sorts of injuries and problems.  We treat people who have been injured in car accidents, in accidents at work, in sports etc.  We have the specialized expertise to get you back to your goals, no matter how your injury or problem occurred.

What Sets Us Apart? STM massage-389716__340

Customized Treatment to fit the patient and their lifestyle
One-on-one treatment with a Physical Therapist
Skilled manual therapy
Private treatment rooms
Large gym area for exercise
Flexible appointment times available
Great customer service

What We Treat: 

Neck pain
Back pain with or without radiating symptoms
Shoulder problems
Knee pain
Hip pain
ITB Syndrome
Foot/ankle pain
Postoperative cases (spine and extremities)
TMJ/Jaw pain
Chronic pain
Continued problems or complications after surgery

What We Do:

Manual Therapy for joints and soft tissues
Trigger Point Dry Needling
Specific exercise programs
Posture and movement training

Sport Specific Issues addressed through Functional Manual Therapy & Neuromotor Retraining for golf, running, skiing, any sport.
Titlelist Performance Certified Golf Fitness Program
LightSpeed System for unweighting to provide pain free walking or running on the treadmill
Sole Supports Custom Foot Orthotics


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