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Running Well®, not hard

Running Well®, without pain

Running Well®, with ease and efficiency!

Running Well® is a program designed to help runners make positive changes in their running form.

 Running Well® will help you gain 5 key components:

1.   Alignment with greater hip flexor initiation and strength

2.   Less work in quadriceps and hamstrings

3.   Efficient leg action and foot landing to push-off

4.   Alignment, core stability, efficient counter-rotation of upper body

5.   Efficient use of upper body without stiffness


Running Well® is for anyone!  For…

          First time to seasoned runners

          Multi-Sport and Cross training athletes

          Anyone wishing to enhance their running experience!


More about the Running Well® Program

Running Well Program

2016 Running Well Clinic Schedule

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What does IPA TRAINED mean for you?

An IPA trained therapist has trained many hours but all you feel is the difference in you with your first therapy visit. When you receive physical therapy from an Institute of Physical Art trained therapist,  you get a treatment session that includes the whole self.


Peter, Jenny, Karen and Tami at LoHi Physical Therapy

2680 18th St, Denver 80211

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Karen Voss has been the best occupational therapist I have ever seen. I got immediate results just from the first visit. She alleviated the pain in my wrist and arm right away. The physical therapy exercises she provided me are so valuable that I am sure I will keep doing them for a lifetime. Thank you so much!


Peter and Karen

Just wanted to reach out and give you a big big thanks. I came to you guys a year ago in a horrible place with severe pain and words cannot express my gratitude for the help you guys gave me and for getting me back on my feet and running again.

I did the Boston marathon this weekend and completed it in 3 hours 8 minutes under very difficult conditions in the cold, wind and rain. It was one of the highlights of my life and an unbelievable experience and I feel just incredible having been able to run it, pain free.

Thanks again for everything and hope you guys are well. I will keep referring you patients as often as I can and hope to see you soon


I really had a FANTASTIC appointment with Jenny. I have been to a total of 4 physical therapists in both Colorado and Philadelphia, and she was by far the best! I felt a direct improvement immediately following my appointment.” -N.H.

Peter Szymanski worked on a problem I was having with my feet. Other PTs had diagnosed it as plantar fasciitis but it wasn’t going away. Peter re-diagnosed it as calf tightness and a problem in my movement. Since he worked with me, I haven’t had any problems. He’s a lifesaver!” -Holly