Running Well® Clinics

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Running Well® Introductory Efficiency Training Clinics


Upcoming clinics are scheduled for Wednesday, August 9th and Wednesday, September 20th.   Time: 5:30 to 7:00 pm

  Location:  LoHi Physical Therapy

This introductory clinic shows you how you’re currently running and how to begin improving your form.

We include videotaping, analysis and foundation drills and limit the clinic to 8 participants for individual attention.  The two instructors, Karen and Peter have a wealth of knowledge and exprience and  have been providing Running Well® clinics to runners since 2003.

Learn more about Running Well® training and program options.   Contact us today to join others for a great opportunity to see how you run!

Running Well®  provides an introductory 1.5 hour clinic the 2nd Wednesday of each month from March through September.    

Contact Karen by email or phone to get on the list:                   Karen@RunningWell.Clinic       (303) 458-9660 

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